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Sorry for been a bit silent in the last couple of months but I was pretty busy, preparing a mariage and a trip on the other side of the Atlantic. Both were compeltly awesome and it’s now time for me to go back to work. So here is a quick biggest of what I am doing.


With my new DeviantArt account I am forging my visual universe, mixing guro, bondage and Christian figure on Deviant art, and I am getting close to something I appreciate.


I currently in an experimentation phase. I’ve started some gameplay experiments, producing a 2D shoot them up on Unity 2D, but nothing serious… My only certitude right now is my will for making far more than a little funny shooter. I want strong character developpement with a dark atmosphere, something I fail in my novel Dark_Net. I want a game with Amy and Dolores, empathysising these two lovely characters. The best way for doing it in a reasonable amount of time is making a simple visual novel with a 3D, but minimalistic exploration mechanic. Thanks to my fan Melody for her constructive and helpful comments.



-A story(?), a univers at least
-Dolores and Amy 2D, visual novel format drawing
-An exploration motor experient with Unity 3D, something close to « Shin Megami Tensei II ».

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the Dark_Net eBook : a Cyber thriller featuring Snuff Girls and Violence


Hi people!

On March 30th, Snuffchan will celebrate his one year! And I got a very special gift for you: my Dark_Net novel, featuring, hacking, gore, snuff girls and bondage.

English isn’t my native language, so the choice of writing a seven chapter novel in english was a huge challenge for me. Even if the result not 100% grammatically perfect, the storyline is smart, dark, and the two 19 years protagonists are completely twisted. I even introduced the Party Van, a CIA secret section that would be recurrent in my future projects.

I will make an announcement soon, to talk about my next project. Spoiler: it will be a pixel art video game featuring Pinky Violence and japanese school girl uniforms.

You can Dark_Net buy it on the Amazon store, sponsoring the Snuffchan website and my next project:



Or downloading it for free here:
–> ePub format
–> PDF format

I want to thank all the Snuffchan readers and the /guro sub-reddit for their critics their support.

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Dark_Net / Part VII : The Party V&


Chapter seven of Dark_Net and end of  the story!  I so proud to achieve this year of work on Dark_Net, even if I am a bit exhausted and have mixed feeling about the final result. And I also made the most important: I introduced the three Party V& member who will regularly make an appearance in my work. Do not hesitate to mail me if you liked the story further information or if you want me to improve some part of the story. Enjoy!




Thursday 11 November 2016 20:01,
Somewhere in the Polesky State Radioecological Reserve,

Amy was exhausted by her adventure, the hacking, the kidnapping, the horribles images living now in her head. She was now in the radioactive exclusion zone in an ex-URSS country, out of reach of any american or european warrant, the perfect place to hide an illegal servers farm.

She was standing outside the Death_Bay headquarters, a three buildings place in the middle of the forest. There was a two-storey cabin, a field of solar-panel and a communication tower. The place looked strangely to the Makarov hideout in Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2.

She was taking her antidepressants drug and discreetly checked her 3D printed Liberator. The original gun was concieve to held a single bullet, but the custom version she own was able to held four. She needed both for what was coming next. She slowly came back to the cabin, rejoining the Death_Bay fanatics before their ritual streamed murder.

Thursday 11 November 2016 20:01,
Cabin’s basement.

Julie woke up, naked, on the cold concrete ground. Even half-asleep, she recognized the room used for the murder of Boxxy. She was now on the other side of the mirror. Cameras and the eyes were now pointed on her. Her obsession for the Death_Bay website has finally badly ended, making her the subject of a very sadistic ritual murder.

She was facing her torturers, standing at the other side of the room. There was one person more than on the Boxxy’s video. A smaller person with an the V& anagram written on her shirt and her long brown hairs coming out from her hood.

“Why did you do that Amy?” moaned Julie.

She suddenly felt a deep pain in her swelling belly. Something enormous was shifting in her entrails, creating a moving relief at the button of her soft skin. But this alien organism wasn’t here to stay and was aggressively trying to broke his flesh prison, causing an intense pain to his host. Soon, a black liquid made of blood and shit started flowing between her two perfectly white legs.

After several long minutes, the thing finally came out, exploding Julie’s anus. She immediately heard a small scream in the cell, forcing her to open her eyes, before making a loud and continuous scream, discovering what was actually inside her few minutes ago.

The hooded man make sign to come to the person who was wearing the V& sweat, before putting a hand gun in his hand.
« Be careful. There are just two bullets. » He says.
V& pointed the gun in direction of Julie little cousin and fired before pointing it on Julie’s horrified face.

Thursday 11 November 2016 21:15,
Communication tower.

After the death of Julie was recorded and filmed, the boss of Death_Bay took Amy to the servers room for a private talk.

PedroBear was a fat and nerdy in his thirties, wearing long, black and dirty hairs. The greasy skin of his face was covered with acne. Despite his ugliness he was a talented hacker, and a persuasive nihilistic philosophy.

“So you’re now part of the team. Do you know how works Death_Bay, I mean, the secret part?”
Amy noded.
“Death_Bay isn’t just about random, dark net shits : it has a very specific logic. We are proposing custom murders to a very limited club of hackers, who, in return, provide us a huge among of cyber warfare goods. Human lives in exchange of a cyber strike force. ”
“That’s neat.” replied Amy, smiling and fixing Pedro Bear in the eyes.
“All your stuff are in these servers? Even the contact of all your generous hacker friends?” continued Amy.
“You’re right. You know Amy, you a fucking a clever girl.”
Amy pulled out her Liberator, pointing it on Pedro’s face.
Pedro hold his breath.
“What the hell? Are you with the Party Van, filthy bitch?”, he said furious.
“No I am not. I never had the choice. You see pedro, when I was thirteen I’ve been accused of cyber terrorism and imprisoned in a secret C.I.A. facility. After three years they proposed me a deal: this infiltration mission in exchange of my liberty.”
“We can arrange this, Amy.”
“No, you can’t. Nobody can.”
“There’s one solution, Amy. Stop being a fucking proxy and become the Party Van. Why do you think we stock all these cyber weapons? With all our knowledge we can kill them all and then replacing them, offering our services to foreigners government who will give us a piece land in exchange. Do you imagine that, Amy? Being the Queen of your own country, filled with illegal data servers? It would be a Pirate Haven.”
Pedro took a quick break, and continued.
“All we need to do is kill few more girls and will have enough to… ”
Amy fired, housing one of her tiny homemade bullets in PedroBear brain.

Thursday 11 November 2016 16:19,
Party V& headquarter.

Jefferson Bullsville, the leader of the secret the C.I.A. branch called the Party Van was monitoring the Death_Bay hideout by with a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, waiting for the call of his infiltrated agent or any external sign of her death. His two team members were with him, in a windows less room filled with computer screens displaying strategic data. Sherrod Ripper, a 28 gothic girl, expert in cryptography, computer architecture and experimented sharpshooter has just received a chat message:
“We’re in boss, we’ve now a full access to the Death_Bay secret servers. Amy is waiting for new orders.”
Jefferson pulled out a long cigar and lit it.
“Perfect. Tell her she’s now the new leader of the Death_Bay gang. Her new job is to keep running.”
“Message send” replied Sherrod, before adding “So what we do now boss?”
The unique eye of Jefferson was carefully watching the Death_Bay cyber weaponry listing on the room biggest screen.
“We will use all that cyber shit to crush the all enemies of the United states.”
“Hum, Boss… we are in the Pentagon, I don’t think we are allowed to smoke.” The comment was from Kim Davis, a 31 asian guy expert in combat drones and ex E-Sport champion, who was presently wearing a black tee shirt labelled Zerg über alles.
“My dear Kim, if one day, some body of the high administration figure out what is going on in this room, this cigar would probably be the least of our concerns”

the End

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Dark_Net / Part VI : Self Pleasure And Home Invasion


Sixth chapter of Dark_Net! Twist! Pleasure and home invasion! I put lot of cool stuff in this chapter, which was the initial conclusion of the Dark_Net story when I originally started it, ten months ago… But I know what? I got an even cooler conclusion for chapter 7 & 8 ! And don’t forget to reply to my survey on the story!

[UPDATE 17.01.15] I rewrite some part to make the text cooler!




Sunday 8 November 2016 17:19,
Julie’s living room

Julie was facing her mysterious send by one of her anonymous fan. She discovered a black and classy box, with the word IRONGEARS, written in big, medieval, iron letters.Three shiny metal pieces were stored into. The first one was a hyperrectangle (The three dimensional version of the rectangle) crossed by two holes, each one of the width of a wrist. The other was a thin but solid metal loop crossing a ball just as small to be put in a mouth.  And finally there was a medium and rounded cylinder. Each one was equipped with a small interactive touch screen.

A handbook was joined with the package, but it was all in german. It was impossible for Julie to know the exact nature of this strange equipment.

She reacted like any digital native, jumping on her laptop, typing the IRONGEAR name on the google search box. Apparently, IRONGEARS  was a german bondage gears brand. They were specialized into wireless restraints, that can be locked or unlocked via a phone application. Fuck! This shit was a high class sex toy!

This present was  best way to continue the pleasant experience of this afternoon, thought Julie. Her parents were coming back tomorrow morning, the timing was just perfect!
Sunday 8 November 2016 20:59,

Julie’s bedroom

Julie closed all the shutters of the house, before making herself comfortable, wearing high tights with a black gothic nightdress. Her dressing finished, she started to set her new toys, peering each accessory with an application on her phone. The most important part was to ensure than the phone was properly able to unlock the metal handcuff.

Few minutes after she was lying on her a cozy bed, bound and gagged by her own will, with her high tech iron restraints. Her hands were bound in the back left to the vibes of her vribrator, set in a special mode, studied to bring the victim at the edge of the orgasm. Julie was in the haze, leaving the outside world for her a little death, sa petite mort.

On her phone, the IRON-app countdown was setted to end her self-bondage at 21:30. She had nothing to do, only relishing her own predicament.


Sunday 8 November 2016 21:27,
Julie’s bedroom

Julie was nicely waiting for her release in 67 seconds. She was in the cloud, feeling like a little princess again. Watching herself in her bedroom mirror, she thought how pretty and sexy she was. May be she should try posting again on Death Bay, maybe things will be different.

6, 5, 4, 3…

Her phone suddenly when black with a huge beep sound. she clumsily tried to touch the screen or go back to the main menu, but nothing. There was nothing more than a black screen with… a pixelated skull in the middle?

Her heart was beating strongly. She started thinking. She need to send a message to Amy. She hardly opened skype before doing the only thing she can do: leaving her a vocal message. She hardly started the recording of her message, moaning through her gag, desperately begging for help.

Suddenly the light went out, as the Internet connection of computer. Julie was now standing in dark, helpless and silenced. But this silence wasn’t long : some noises were coming from the ground floor. Somebody was in the house.

The shortcut in her mind was immediate : Boxxy and her kidnapping.

The DeathBay people had never been looking for a new princess, they were looking for a prey. The phone , the IRONGEAR, the blackout and now the home invasion, all these stuff were nothing more than a deadly trap.

How could she have been be so stupid?
Sunday 8 November 2016 22:01,

A backstreet surrounding Julie’s house

Julie was hidden between two smelly dumpster, shaking with cold in her ruined nightdress, in an alley of her block, still trapped in her inescapable restraints. Few minutes ago she miraculously escaped to her home invaders by jumping out her bedroom window and brutally landing on a bush.

Something broke the silence of the dark alley.

She was hearing a familiar voice, calling for her.

She recognized the voice of Amy.

Julie came out from her hiding, to land between the arms of her friend, crying tears of joy.

Amy silently hugged her, putting her right arm at the back of her friend neck.

“My Julie…”

The hand of Amy handled her ball gag, but she didn’t take it off. She was tightening it.

Julie wasn’t understanding.

“I so am sorry, Julie.” says Amy.

“I wish I could let go away, but that’s not possible now. Somebody has to be sacrificed.”

As Julie was moaning and struggling, Amy passionately kissed her ball-gagged and drooling mouth.

“I was loving you, Julie.”

Amy fixed Julie horrified face one last time before pushing her in the dirty trunk of the kidnappers car.


To be continued…

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Sorry, but Dark_Net will probably be my last novel


Do you love my Dark_Net story? Here is a little survey for you!

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I am tired about the whole Dark_Net thing. the writing takes me a huge amount of time, mainly because English isn’t my main language, And I also have anybody around me to correct my grammar errors.

10 Months ago I was thinking the book, pure text format can be a relevant and was also a real challenge for me(I love challenge). But now, I really feel a lack of fun working on Dark_Net. I need more than writing: As a video game guy, I need illustrations and interactions. so it will probably my last long story in pure text format.

Doing my best to end my story

I was originally planning four chapters before to the end of the story, but I am now thinking about doing just two chapters. I’ve already written half of the sixth chapter, and if you’re a fan of Dark_Net, no doubt, you will love it. After this, I don’t really know what will be in the chapter VII : I was planning to introduce at least 7 others characters, but it’s sound completely unrealistic, even split in two chapters. I need to review the whole storyline to build a proper end.

Ebook and Cosplay

Once the rereading and rewriting done, changing all the incoherent stuff, I will probably make a photo shoot with a somebody posing as Amy. This cosplay will probably be the climax of my project, with the creation creation of the book cover.

This done will finally be upload on and as ebook.

The good stuff

Even if I feel bored by Dark_Net right know I retain many positive stuff of this adventure:

  • I’ve shared one of my story with hundred of people accross the world.
  • I signifiant achievement, even if I don’t have any idea of what will the final reception of the book.
  • It’s a storytelling experience I will help me in my next projects.
  • Regular writting a highly positive practice I am recommending to everyone.

The Future

Once Dark_Net done, I back to something more graphic/ Interactive. Believe be, once Dark_Net finished, I got some mother fucking ideas, like playing a serial killer or a teenage psychopath girl.

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Few Thoughts & a Survey

Snuffchan is now celebrating his 9 months of existence! You are more and more browsing regularly the site, so it’s may be time to a little survey. This will help me to understand the expectations of my audience!

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Currently thinking about DarkNet_ story… I will change few stuff in the story: at first , the website name will DeathBay, no more MoloChan. DeathBay sound more relevant for a 2.0 snuff movie, cyberwarfare hive. Also, the main admin will have a name: Euronymous. These two add will be important in part 7 and 8 of DarkNet_.


I also have some fucking cool ideas about making pixel horror video game. I will really work on it in the next few weeks. The image above isn’t my work, but one of the best pixel artist of all times, Paul Robertson. But this is what kind of pixel art I have in mind.


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Dark_Net / Part V : Hot Coffee



Fifth chapter finished! This one will focus on Amy and her special relationship with Julie. There is also a little easter eggs! One of the following paragraph is hiding very kinky scene has been encrypted! Good luck to decode it! Just a clue : Base64 encode is your friend! Have fun!




Sunday  8 November 2016 11:32,

Amy’s house


Julie rang the bell of Amy’s house. She just had the time to notice the lack of care of the garden before Amy opened the door.

“Hi! Are you doing better?” saids Amy , kissing her on the chick.

”Yeah, far better. I was seeking a good night without computer.”

“Come inside, I was just making coffee.”

Julie followed her to the kitchen. Even from the inside, the house didn’t seem like a place where was living a family. There was no decoration on the wall, no furniture, just few cardboards left here and there.

The kitchen was a real mess. There was three fulfilled trash bags, the kitchen top was dirty and had a can branded Ace Tomatoes Company half opened on it.

“Are your parents here?” asked Julie.

Amy didn’t reply immediately.

“They haven’t finished their move. They’re still in transition.”

“I need to ask you something, something about yesterday.” Amy instantly stopped the loading of the coffeemaker. She didn’t reply, or even turn to Julie.

“Today, when I woke up, the video wasn’t on my desktop anymore and the page accessing to the secret section of Molochan has disappeared. It’s like what’s happened yesterday what just a bad dream. But I know it wasn’t a dream. Please, say something Amy.”

“After you lost consciousness, I erased all the files you downloaded with a special cleaner software, leaving no trace of them on your hard drive. It’s not safe to keep this kind of files on your personal computer. For the page which had mysteriously disappeared, I don’t have any information.”

Amy took a pause.

“You know Julie, maybe this video was just a big joke, an amateur horror made by Boxxy herself.”

“But she disappeared just after!” shouted Julie.

“May be it was a promotional ruse: In the seventies, an italian film director asked all his cast to disappear, in order to feed the rumor of the film  being an authentic snuff movie.”

“You may be right. May be I was overthinking the whole stuff. Sorry.”

“No, it’s ok. I was choked too. May be you should leave this whole darknet stuff behind you, and enjoy the last items you will receive…”

“That’s crazy you tell me that, ‘cause I received a special delivery today, just before move on. I didn’t open it, so it’s will be tonight big surprise.”

“That fucking cool!”

The loading of the coffeemaker was now over.

“Should I put a mug for you?”

“I am not a big fan of coffee.”

Amy pushed on the button of the coffee maker, slowly filling her mug.

“You should, it’s a perfect nourishment for the brain.”

The coffeemaker stopped, and Amy took her mug.

“Come, I will show you my room.”

Julie followed Amy upstairs, discovering her messy bedroom. The walls were cover from notes, almost hiding the wall of the room. Books, junk food and clothing were lying the floor around a mattress.

“Wow. That’s… surprising. What do you do with all these note?” asked Julie.

“It’s all related to my secret hacking hobby. I took the last days to extracting a hidden porn scene in a on a 2003 mainstream video game.” said Amy, showing a Playstation 2 CD.

“If I remember, the name of the client was Thompson-some-shit.” Julie looked Amy, showing she didn’t understand.

“I was also looking for some ideas for my presentation in philosophy class.” continued Amy.


“Yep, I don’t have any idea about what I will present in four days.”

“May be you should talk about something that matter to you.” said Julie.

“Nothing matter for me.”

“But you care about computers. And hacking.”

“That’s could be an idea, I but I don’t think I will magically resolve my existential anxieties in the next 4 days.”

“You are a pretty smart person, why have you miss a year. I mean, we both have the same age.”

“Got troubles with the law in the US, when I was thirteen. You know, hacking and shit.”

“You mean, you went to jail?”

“I am not comfortable talking about this.” Replied Amy.

“Doesn’t matter to me. I was so anxious about repeating my year, being in a class with unfamiliar teenagers listening rap and pop music. It was so reassuring to meet an outsider like me, somebody who isn’t afraid to be seen as a weirdo.”


“I mean, I really like you Amy.” finally said Julie.

“Like you to, Julie”

There was Thirty second of an awkward silence.

“I don’t see any wardrobe.” eventually said Julie.

“I don’t have one. All my clothes are in this cardboard.”

“May I look inside?”

“Yeah” replied Amy.

After releasing multiple clothes cardboard, Julie was stopped by a black sweatshirt with the V& letters written on it.

“This sweat looks neat ! Is V& a clothing brand?”

“No, it’s not. I got it on the Internet. I an abbreviation of Party van, an expression in the hacking underworld to talk about the FBI van parked in front of your house.”

“Hum, sounds even cooler. Why I’ve never saw it on you?”

“It was at the very bottom of the card board. I don’t like taking too much time to chose my clothing on the morning.”

“You should take care a of your look, Amy.”

“Nobody ever learn me how.”

“Got an idea! Let switch our clothes! I will show you than behind you mask of ugly nerd girl, there a little princess sleeping!”

“The description was not very appealing… but, why not.” replied Amy.

Few minutes later, Amy was made up and dressed with Julie’s clothes.

Julie, her, was just wearing her black lacework panty with Amy’s V& sweat.

“You’re so perfect! Where is your mirror?”

“There is one in the in the bathroom.”

Once in the bathroom, Amy was stunned. She was the perfect, glass wearing, gothic lolita.

“I tell you so!” said Julie.

Amy was blushing.

Julie took a look to the bathroom. There was some plastic bottle of pills left over the sink.

“What are these medecine for?” asked Julie.

“These are antidepressants pills.” replied Amy, quickly storing the bottle  in a bathroom closet.

“Are you depressed? I don’t see why, you looks like the perfect school girl.”

“It’s complicated and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Ok, so what do you want to do?”




Sunday  8 November 2016 16:32,

Amy’s house front door


Amy and Julie were now wearing their respective clothes again.

“That was… surprising!”

“For me to! ” replied Amy.

“So… See you tomorrow in class!”

“Yeah! Have fun! Don’t forget to tell me about your mysterious package! I am very curious about it!”

“So do I!”


Sunday  8 November 2016 17:10,

Julie’s living room


Julie left her bag on the canap, before lighting a cigarette. She had very good time with Amy. She was still excited. Her eyes were focusing her mysterious package. She was certain about it. This package was containing the thrilling conclusion of her sunday evening.

To be continued…

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Dark_Net Part 4.1 : Improved & Gory


Hey! The fifth chapter is still in progress, but I have completely rewritten the last chapter with the torture scene. After few critics on my story on the /guro of reddit I just figured out than the climax of my story should be more slow and more detailed.

So if you like, you can scroll down and read the improved version of the Dark_Net : Part IV!

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Dark_Net / Part IV : Kidnapped and Tortured

Kidnapped and tortured

New chapter finished! We will finally know what is on file Julie downloaded. This chapter is pretty spicy, featuring a kidnapping and a torture sequence.

Have fun, and don’t forget to leave some feedback.




Saturday  7 November 2016 17:29,

Julie’s computer,

reading of file://Users/Julie666/Desktop/Ym94eXRvcnR1cmVtdXJkZXI.m4v

The video started in a residential area. It was probably taken with a Go Pro or some kind of POV device. The cam stopped in front of a house. It was dark, but lights were still on. A girl was in the living room, wearing headphones and using her laptop. She looked like a teenager, maybe 18-19 years old, with dark hairs,  black make-up and a cute flyaway.

“Fuck, it’s look like Boxxy…” Whispered Julie.

“Who is Boxxy?”

The man wearing the camera took out a device with an antenna, turning it on. The machine  generated a sharp noise, and an image distortion appeared on the video record.

“Daaad! What the fuck with the Internet?” said a voice inside the house.

The camera targeted a panel at the back of the house. A hand wearing a latex glove dismounted the panel and cutted off all the electrics wires. There was no more light in the house. People started shouting inside. The camera went in night vision.

The camera man broke the front door, entered the house and finally took off a hunting knife. A middle aged man descended the stairs. The armed hand fall on him, stabbing him in the neck.

A light beam appears, showing the bleeding body. It was the girl’s smart phone. She screamed and started to run away. She crossed the garden, arrived on the street and tried to stop a van. The driver came out before hitting her and grabbing her in the van followed by the camera. The two men quickly secured her legs and arms with duct tape. As she regained consciousness, the second man pushed a tennis ball in her mouth, strictly covered by several layers of tape. No more talk for her, her only way to communicate was now her two brown, silent and crying eyes.

Black screen.

Amy looked at Julie. Her breath was accelerating

“May be that vid is just a fake.” said Amy, trying to reassure her.

“That doesn’t look an amator vid… this shit looks hundred percent real.”

Tears were rolling over Julie’s cheeks.

The video continued. We were now indoor, in a dark room, with concrete walls, may be a cave or a blockhaus. The camera was now static, placed on the ceiling. Boxxy was lying on the center of room, chained to a sort of medieval wooden desk, struggling and screaming. That was a very strange table: It was equiped with shakles and a wooden roll was standing a few feet over Boxxy’s belly.

Even if the room was poorly lighted we were able to distinguish three men standing around the table.

“Who are you? what do you want?” Was she screaming. One of the men moved toward the table. He was wearing a black hoodie and military trousers, with a mask of troll face covering his head. He was handling a gag, slowly approaching it to her mouth.

“No, please, please, don’t gag me! Hmpmmph  Hmmph!”

A huge ball gag was violently push into her mouth, silencing her again.

The man whispered to her ear :

“Don’t worry my little lamb, soon it will be finished.”

His voice sounded robotic, he was probably disguising his voice with a device.

“Have you ever heard about the intestinal crank, my beautiful lamb? That was a pretty gruesome antique execution method: it consisted in slowly extracting the intestines of the victim with a crank.”

Boxxy was struggling harder and harder, shouting desperately through her gag. but nothing to do, the hardwood torture table wasn’t moving from an inch.

The man was now tickling Boxxy’s belly with a huge hunt knife.

“Documentations on this original execution method are pretty rare, so we don’t know exactly how much time you will survive. It will be the big surprise of tonight!”

Tears started rolling over Boxxy’s cheeks.

“So let’s start.”

The troll face made an incision in the up of the belly, making a thin pouring of blood on her flank. His hand disappeared in her guts, cutted something inside, before pulling the start of her intestine. The two others masked men took the guts and nailed his start to the wooden roll.

They started to crank, slowly wrapping the bleeding intestines of the poor breathing girl. After a minutes she started to lose consciousness, her eyes were rolling and her body convulsing.

The wound to his stomach was heavily bleeding.

And suddenly her body stop struggling, living no more than her beautiful, white and bloodstained body.

The mind of Amy suddenly came back to the living room. Julie has vomited before losing consciousness.


 Saturday  7 November 2016 18:47,

Julie’s room

Julie opened her eyes.

“What happened?”

“You lost consciousness when we were watching the video.”

“Oh fuck, I remember that shit.”

“Drink this lemon juice, it will help you to recover.”

“Thanks sista.”

“Can I go home? Are you ok?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Do not hesitate to phone me if you need help.”


Saturday  7 November 2016 19:30,

Somewhere in Saint Germain

Amy was walking on a bridge crossing over the suburban railroad. The crowd and the firefighter’s vehicle were standing in front of the train station. From her point of view, she was clearly seeing the bloody remains of the man who had thrown himself under the train.

She took a picture.

This will surely please the Molochan admins.

To be continued…

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