the Dark_Net eBook : a Cyber thriller featuring Snuff Girls and Violence


Hi people!

On March 30th, Snuffchan will celebrate his one year! And I got a very special gift for you: my Dark_Net novel, featuring, hacking, gore, snuff girls and bondage.

English isn’t my native language, so the choice of writing a seven chapter novel in english was a huge challenge for me. Even if the result not 100% grammatically perfect, the storyline is smart, dark, and the two 19 years protagonists are completely twisted. I even introduced the Party Van, a CIA secret section that would be recurrent in my future projects.

I will make an announcement soon, to talk about my next project. Spoiler: it will be a pixel art video game featuring Pinky Violence and japanese school girl uniforms.

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I want to thank all the Snuffchan readers and the /guro sub-reddit for their critics their support.

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Dark_Net / Part VII : The Party V&


Chapter seven of Dark_Net and end of  the story!  I so proud to achieve this year of work on Dark_Net, even if I am a bit exhausted and have mixed feeling about the final result. And I also made the most important: I introduced the three Party V& member who will regularly make an appearance in my work. Do not hesitate to mail me if you liked the story further information or if you want me to improve some part of the story. Enjoy!




Thursday 11 November 2016 20:01,
Somewhere in the Polesky State Radioecological Reserve,

Amy was exhausted by her adventure, the hacking, the kidnapping, the horribles images living now in her head. She was now in the radioactive exclusion zone in an ex-URSS country, out of reach of any american or european warrant, the perfect place to hide an illegal servers farm.

She was standing outside the Death_Bay headquarters, a three buildings place in the middle of the forest. There was a two-storey cabin, a field of solar-panel and a communication tower. The place looked strangely to the Makarov hideout in Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2.

She was taking her antidepressants drug and discreetly checked her 3D printed Liberator. The original gun was concieve to held a single bullet, but the custom version she own was able to held four. She needed both for what was coming next. She slowly came back to the cabin, rejoining the Death_Bay fanatics before their ritual streamed murder.

Thursday 11 November 2016 20:01,
Cabin’s basement.

Julie woke up, naked, on the cold concrete ground. Even half-asleep, she recognized the room used for the murder of Boxxy. She was now on the other side of the mirror. Cameras and the eyes were now pointed on her. Her obsession for the Death_Bay website has finally badly ended, making her the subject of a very sadistic ritual murder.

She was facing her torturers, standing at the other side of the room. There was one person more than on the Boxxy’s video. A smaller person with an the V& anagram written on her shirt and her long brown hairs coming out from her hood.

“Why did you do that Amy?” moaned Julie.

She suddenly felt a deep pain in her swelling belly. Something enormous was shifting in her entrails, creating a moving relief at the button of her soft skin. But this alien organism wasn’t here to stay and was aggressively trying to broke his flesh prison, causing an intense pain to his host. Soon, a black liquid made of blood and shit started flowing between her two perfectly white legs.

After several long minutes, the thing finally came out, exploding Julie’s anus. She immediately heard a small scream in the cell, forcing her to open her eyes, before making a loud and continuous scream, discovering what was actually inside her few minutes ago.

The hooded man make sign to come to the person who was wearing the V& sweat, before putting a hand gun in his hand.
« Be careful. There are just two bullets. » He says.
V& pointed the gun in direction of Julie little cousin and fired before pointing it on Julie’s horrified face.

Thursday 11 November 2016 21:15,
Communication tower.

After the death of Julie was recorded and filmed, the boss of Death_Bay took Amy to the servers room for a private talk.

PedroBear was a fat and nerdy in his thirties, wearing long, black and dirty hairs. The greasy skin of his face was covered with acne. Despite his ugliness he was a talented hacker, and a persuasive nihilistic philosophy.

“So you’re now part of the team. Do you know how works Death_Bay, I mean, the secret part?”
Amy noded.
“Death_Bay isn’t just about random, dark net shits : it has a very specific logic. We are proposing custom murders to a very limited club of hackers, who, in return, provide us a huge among of cyber warfare goods. Human lives in exchange of a cyber strike force. ”
“That’s neat.” replied Amy, smiling and fixing Pedro Bear in the eyes.
“All your stuff are in these servers? Even the contact of all your generous hacker friends?” continued Amy.
“You’re right. You know Amy, you a fucking a clever girl.”
Amy pulled out her Liberator, pointing it on Pedro’s face.
Pedro hold his breath.
“What the hell? Are you with the Party Van, filthy bitch?”, he said furious.
“No I am not. I never had the choice. You see pedro, when I was thirteen I’ve been accused of cyber terrorism and imprisoned in a secret C.I.A. facility. After three years they proposed me a deal: this infiltration mission in exchange of my liberty.”
“We can arrange this, Amy.”
“No, you can’t. Nobody can.”
“There’s one solution, Amy. Stop being a fucking proxy and become the Party Van. Why do you think we stock all these cyber weapons? With all our knowledge we can kill them all and then replacing them, offering our services to foreigners government who will give us a piece land in exchange. Do you imagine that, Amy? Being the Queen of your own country, filled with illegal data servers? It would be a Pirate Haven.”
Pedro took a quick break, and continued.
“All we need to do is kill few more girls and will have enough to… ”
Amy fired, housing one of her tiny homemade bullets in PedroBear brain.

Thursday 11 November 2016 16:19,
Party V& headquarter.

Jefferson Bullsville, the leader of the secret the C.I.A. branch called the Party Van was monitoring the Death_Bay hideout by with a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, waiting for the call of his infiltrated agent or any external sign of her death. His two team members were with him, in a windows less room filled with computer screens displaying strategic data. Sherrod Ripper, a 28 gothic girl, expert in cryptography, computer architecture and experimented sharpshooter has just received a chat message:
“We’re in boss, we’ve now a full access to the Death_Bay secret servers. Amy is waiting for new orders.”
Jefferson pulled out a long cigar and lit it.
“Perfect. Tell her she’s now the new leader of the Death_Bay gang. Her new job is to keep running.”
“Message send” replied Sherrod, before adding “So what we do now boss?”
The unique eye of Jefferson was carefully watching the Death_Bay cyber weaponry listing on the room biggest screen.
“We will use all that cyber shit to crush the all enemies of the United states.”
“Hum, Boss… we are in the Pentagon, I don’t think we are allowed to smoke.” The comment was from Kim Davis, a 31 asian guy expert in combat drones and ex E-Sport champion, who was presently wearing a black tee shirt labelled Zerg über alles.
“My dear Kim, if one day, some body of the high administration figure out what is going on in this room, this cigar would probably be the least of our concerns”

the End

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