Dungeon anonZ : concept presentation


Hi, dear followers.

I come here, talking about my videogame/social network project. It’s like an anonymous message-board / image-board like 2chan or 4chan but happening in a 2D/3D map. The player don’t need registration to play or explore the map. By looting the correct tools they can post and craft the map, discovering different channels. Once the name/ID of the channel known, you can instantly travel to it.

Technically, Dungeon anonZ (it’s the name of the prototype) consist of a 2D video game client AND a PHP JSON data-base.

The client side is made of HTML and WebGL.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 21.54.12



  • The 2D environnement is a more entertaining form, also allowing the user to modelate the environment. It’s also value
  • Easy installation of the server, with no need of a SQL
  • Mix of game technology with an HTML layer, allowing the players to browse easily the web links, and to show specific HTML media (video, mp3, gif).


  • data can easily be corrupted (but like most of system), that’s why my long term goal is create a client software that will do game,game server selector, an internet browser AND  that will allow players to regularly save the data of the server


I got an early prototype, working the browser, made with with UNITY. The source code will be soon available. You can drag on an PHP server and it should* work from it self. I think I will left Unity for a  simpler false 3D HTML Canvas coded in Javascript. The Unity 3D result looks cool, but the FPS ergonomy cause some incoherence with the HTML UI layer and the interaction between Unity and the HTML layer, present only after a 5 minutes compilation force me to code 2 times the same mechanism to test it in the editor, and transforming the code in a mess. This workflow is also not compatible with a quick iteration logic required for an online video game.

The prototype is playable here: http://snuffchan.com/dungeon_noodle2/DungeonClient/

The next prototype will be pretty close to some subjective old-school dungeon crawlers, like Dungeon Master.

*Not being a specialist in PHP and server side, I know than shit could happen.

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Shooter auf Des : My Google Cardboard FPS (Log 3)


A new version of my Google Cardboard FPS is now live, with a bunch of cool features:

  • Jumping
  • Enemies animations and corpses
  • Multi-floors levels
  • Lava!

The game is available on the Android Playstore here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snuffchan.tfwnovr

Next steps:

  • Thinking about a deeper gameplay
  • Real 3D assets made on Blender
  • Frame rate improvement ??
  • More secrets
  • Get back the procedural map generation?
  • Gagged girls?


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My Google Cardboard FPS is out now! (Log III)

TFW No VR 3D is now live on the Android Playstore. It’s just an early version, but the fun is here. you can download it here and don’t forget to put me a 5 stars reviews. It’s neat Google Cardboard FPS mixed with some Rogue-like elements. here is the Android Playstore page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snuffchan.tfwnovr

To play to the game you need a gamepad and a Google Cardboard. I own these two, working perfectly with my One Plus One phone/div>


-mini map
-death screen
-different levels and incrementation of the enemies


Next steps
-real animations for the enemies (shooting and death)
-secrets rooms
-bonus (speed, attack, health)
-new weapon ???


Maybe I should think about making a Patreon page. I definitively need money to dev on a next gen VR headset.


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TFW NO VR, my google cardboard game!

Hi! Long time since I didn’t post a thing on the Snuffchan blog! I received my Google Cardboard headset, started to experiment it, and eventualy come with my very own google cardboard game, a hybrid between Rogue and Doom.

I am still working the gameplay, having tons neat ideas, like adding a shield appearing when you tilt the head, my biggest challenge being to produce a gameplay which use only head motion tracking. And actually, in my demo, it’s works!
This project is WIP, and I started a todo list of what I want in the prod version. The code name of this project is >TFW NO VR 3D.

THE GRAPHISM and CHARATERS ARE JUST HERE TO TEST THE GAMEPLAY. I’ve just some hint of ideas for the universe, and there will be probably very few story. I want the univers share the same goryness than Doom with also some Rogue RPG element, like fortress, inns, secret places on the map, the whole stuff with guns and cybernetic elements.

My next steps

  • a mini map (the actual map is generated randomly so it’s a critical element of gameplay)
  • a shield triggered when you tilt the head
  • creating rooms
  • creating a GameOver screen and a Winning screen.
  • weapons change
  • med-packs

If you got comments or cool ideas comment this post or mail me, monsieur.krunch@gmail.com!

Demo APK + Some screen captures

>The .apk for Android phone can be downloaded here<

The way it’s work: point the red cube to walk, point the grenades or the girls to shoot them. Don’t forget it’s a pre-alpha version for curious people, with major bug!



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Paul Robertson, le Mother Fucker du Pixel Art



Ma nouvelle Dark_Net étant maintenant terminé, j’ai commencé à me documenter pour mon prochain projet, un jeu video mixant deux univers que j’adore: le pixel art, et une sous catégorie le cinéma d’exploitation japonais des années 70 appellée Pinky Violence.

Je parlerais du phénomène Pinky Violence dans un prochain article. Tout de suite j’ai envie de parler d’un de mes pixel artists préférés, Paul Robertson.

Paul Robertson est un animateur et pixel-artist australien. Il a travaillé sur plusieurs jeux vidéos (dernièrement Scott Pilgrim VS The World et Mercenary Kings), mais ses travaux les plus marquant restent pour moi ses deux court métrages, particulièrement pour leurs côté excessif et gore.

–> Part 2 de la vidéo ici

Le premier se nomme Pirate Baby Cabana’s Battle Street Fight et fait horriblement penser au jeux d’arcade des années 90: attaques spéciales faisant référence à des icones de la culture pop (Predator, le Big Lebowsky), les background riches et animés, des monstres aussi hideux et improbables les uns que les autres, le tout dans un esprit mélangeant gore et kawaï. Cette vidéo est un orgasme pour tout fan de jeux 16 bits. Il semblerait qu’une démo de ce court métrage existe au format vidéo ludique, mais je n’ai jamais eu l’occasion de la tester. Vous pouvez la télécherger ici:


King of Power 4 BIllion % est dans le même style, mais en couleur, regroupant plus de personnages, et se terminant sur une note très guro hentaï (la jeune fille qui lance une attaque avec ses entrailles).

  • Pour une analyse en profondeur, j’ai décidé de lister les points fort de ces deux court métrages, dans l’espoir de vampiriser un jour leur coolitude dans mes futurs projets :
  • La reprise parfaite des codes vidéo ludique (scrolling vertical, coup spéciaux, changement de niveaux)
  • La diversité dans les phase de jeu
  • Les animations excessives
  • Le côté gore et politiquement incorrecte : femmes enceintes, bébé zombie, mort de tous les protagonistes.
  • Les références pop culturelles à foison

Si vous avez kiffé cet article, je vous conseille le tumblr et le twitter de Paul Robertson:
J’ai également ajouté une interview qu’il a donné à Gamasutra, prodiguant ses conseils d’animateur:

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SnuffChan Anonymous Imageboard

Anonymous Message Board

The origins

SnuffChan Anon Board is my masterpiece, my chef d’oeuvre: It’s an anonymous, dynamic and classy imageboard. All started 4 years ago when I was studying anonymous networks, as a Design student : I was hooked by the concept of 4Chan and decided to create my own message boards content management system. I started from scratch, building a fancy and fun interface and using AJAX coding to create a more dynamic flow of discussion between users. I called the board JeFlippe (IAmScared in french).



After several ups and downs and a language change, the board is now called SnuffChan, and deals with rare subject I love : Gagged girls, Occultism and just random trash stuff on the board called M4gyk. There is also a board name Occult, where you can share pagan images, or just publicly prays a pagans deity to make something happen.



Meet Dolores, the gothic fashioned girl on the top left of the board. She has been a trouble teenager. Making her scholarship in Nantes in a very Catholic school  had fed her hate of religion, and put her on the path of satanism and perversion. She is now 19 years old, loving cyber culture, fashion, paganism and earns her life running a blog specialized in Damsels in Distress. Love her, admire her and you will probably know more about her incredible and debauched adventures.


The rules of the board

  • Post deviant and perverse things.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Preach for the perversion of SnuffChan to the world.
  • Start the worship of a pagan divinity, like Baal.
  • You like a post, push the Love this button, it will bump the post
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is the best site of the world.
  • No Child picture, JB or subtext asking for it.
  • No call to troll, doxx or DDOS people.
  • It’s trolling if I say Justin Bieder dies today, but it’s fun, so it’s kinda ok.
  • There is no nude of Emma watson, anon. 

Few notes

SnuffChan doesn’t host any image. So if you want to share an image you’ve found on the web, right click on it and select “copy the image url” . SnuffChan also recognise the .mp3 , the Youtube and the Dailymotion links. For some security reason, special characters like <, >, \ and also links are disable in the comment and text inputs.

>> Click here to start the visit of the SnuffChan Message Board ! <<

If you enjoy the SnuffChan Anonymous Board, do not hesitate to post, comment or react! It’s make live the board and keep me motivated.

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