3D Anonymous Imageboard Sources


Hi, friends.

For personal reasons, I am stopping my 3D Anonymous Imageboard project. It’s too much moderation and maintenance for a lone person and I will not be able to provide this amount of work during the following year. Lot of people were hyped by the project, so I published full the sources on Github: https://github.com/AlexKrunch/AnonIB-3D

I disabled the file uploads + drawings for security reasons on the current online board.

AnonIB 3D, was a prototype. When I will back in 2020, I will continue the project, but with most of the data stored in bittorrent files, minimising the quantity of server side data to a list of .torrent addresses. The server side part of this project is already too complex, and I wasted a lot of time on  unimportant features (items management, chat between players). I will also change the name of the board, and avoid niche fetish boards.

I am now aware of what the important features are:

  • Having multiple admins
  • Being able to generate level for user
  • Being able to post files
  • Having a stand alone client that can connect to multiple servers

See you, space cowboys.

  |     |]
  `-----'    Alex Krunch / monsieur.krunch@gmail.com
___________  Write me a f#cking mail if you like this

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