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I am interested in the concept of crypto-anarchy for few years now (I bought Come and Get it of Cody Wilson, hope his doing well) so I am really happy to see this kind of subreddits.

Being a french designer, I am more and more concern about the state of freedom of speech and caricature in my country, which is strange thing considering it’s the country of Charlie Hebdo. I don’t even talk about the almost divine power left to few multi billion dollar company like FB or Twitter that can wipeout someone from the Internet.

To help my people and the people around the world I decided to come with a new concept, a 3D imageboard, where the game elements is used like an abstraction layer, enabling secret that can only be reach Hardcore users. Notice that this concept works in browser page, AND, future cool stuff, will use in the future the ability to decentralize a part of the game content, via the Webtorrent javascript lib. Ho, and of course, all players are anonymous, using a system of token.

Here is my world: http://radichan.net/dungeon/

Explore the dungeon here: http://snuffchan.com/dungeon/


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