Snuffchan’s Dungeon: May Update



I will make a quick point on the progress of Snuffchan’s Dungeon. You will notice than we are back from Radichan to Snuffchan. I finally decided to go back to my infamous domain name, it’s part of my ID even if it’s scare’s some people. Just a note about this: the name Snuffchan come from my insatiable appetite for Horror movie, gore manga, black metal, and some time guro hentaï. My first french imageboard was named Je Flippe, that can be translated I am scared in english. So the branding Snuffchan is pretty close to the universe I like to portrait. And don’t worry, you won’t found any real snuff picture, only fully legal thing you would have found at your local video club.

To go back to the Dungeon, I put online a new version last monday. Here are the new features:

Better Drawing interface

First of all, you can now undo each stroke, because, being forced to clear the whole drawing after a small drawing error was such a pain. Notice also than the interface was improved to fully fit on a desktop page.

New interface

There a new interface, preparing the next step: player death and item collection. There’s already sponges (the cardboard boxes on the ground) that can allow you to delete post. Item collection + player death are 2 tricky part especially regarding the 3D view performance (they were active few weeks ago), so these features is not for tomorrow, but are without a doubt on my roadmap. I also tested Player ID display but this also caused some performance issues.

Drawing on existing pictures

I reactivated drawing on existing pictures, a cool feature in my view. You can now only draw one drawing over a picture, to avoid spamming.

Reflexion on the future

Snuffchan’s Dungeon is a crazy project. Just try formulate what is the Dungeon: a 3D imageboard, multiplayer, running on webpage AND mobile phone. That took me an indecent amount of time, just to have something decent and not too buggy.

What I try to do, it’s than the next steps of my project, my vision, won’t be possible without a form of remuneration. I added a donation page and advertisement. Also I need to be honest, even in case the Dungeon earn some money, I got absolutely zero guarantee than I will continue the Dungeon’s dev. I got lot of stuffs going on in my life and this kind of side project won’t be a priority for at least a year.

However, if the project was abandoned by myself, I would release the source online, to be sure other people will continue the adventure.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you got questions or remarks:

Crawl the dungeon here:

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