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Hi, dear followers.

I come here, talking about my videogame/social network project. It’s like an anonymous message-board / image-board like 2chan or 4chan but happening in a 2D/3D map. The player don’t need registration to play or explore the map. By looting the correct tools they can post and craft the map, discovering different channels. Once the name/ID of the channel known, you can instantly travel to it.

Technically, Dungeon anonZ (it’s the name of the prototype) consist of a 2D video game client AND a PHP JSON data-base.

The client side is made of HTML and WebGL.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 21.54.12



  • The 2D environnement is a more entertaining form, also allowing the user to modelate the environment. It’s also value
  • Easy installation of the server, with no need of a SQL
  • Mix of game technology with an HTML layer, allowing the players to browse easily the web links, and to show specific HTML media (video, mp3, gif).


  • data can easily be corrupted (but like most of system), that’s why my long term goal is create a client software that will do game,game server selector, an internet browser AND  that will allow players to regularly save the data of the server


I got an early prototype, working the browser, made with with UNITY. The source code will be soon available. You can drag on an PHP server and it should* work from it self. I think I will left Unity for a  simpler false 3D HTML Canvas coded in Javascript. The Unity 3D result looks cool, but the FPS ergonomy cause some incoherence with the HTML UI layer and the interaction between Unity and the HTML layer, present only after a 5 minutes compilation force me to code 2 times the same mechanism to test it in the editor, and transforming the code in a mess. This workflow is also not compatible with a quick iteration logic required for an online video game.

The prototype is playable here: http://snuffchan.com/dungeon_noodle2/DungeonClient/

The next prototype will be pretty close to some subjective old-school dungeon crawlers, like Dungeon Master.

*Not being a specialist in PHP and server side, I know than shit could happen.

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