New Project Ideas !


I’ve decided to stop my VR shooter project, Ultra Shooter Yuka, and I am now actively searching a new game project. I’ve to choose between these two neat project ideas, so please help in my choice!

Girls und Unterseeboot


It’s a semi-realistic U-Boat simulation mixing exploration/ resource management / customisation and rpg elements. Most of the game will take place with a sound interface, identifying the submarines near you.

You’re a rogue sub, exploring a world made of sub-station, platforms, nautic-favelas and atomic sub pirates. To survive in this universe you need to accomplish different missions, piracy, shipwreck exploration, intel exchange on other submarines position.

The core of the gameplay will be semi-realistic, the goal being to avoid the hunt being too boring and keeping the whole complexity of sub game (communication with HQ, water pressure,torpedo dynamic, countermeasure, nuclear missiles, meteo). Also the graphical atmosphere will be close to the anime Girls Und Panzer to add a layer of fun, giving the opportunity to customize the sub color, form and equipment.

Social interaction

You won’t be able to fire directly on other players UBoot, but you can see (or hear) them and ask for attacks from non-player vehicules, or sell their coordinate/ or their sonar signature on the navigation channel.


Dungeon of lost innocence


It’s MUD, a hybrid between an anonymous chan and a mud. players can chat , seek and kill each others, but also exchanging links in the dungeon.

Some basic ideas around this game

-silly weapon (plastic bag, hunting knife, chloro)
-social space where you can found internet links, pictures, and chat with other player, but also couch with them.
-combat is handled like a conversation between player (similar to the first Shin Megami Tensei)
-You can track other player
-The game will be BDSM themed, fetishes will have a huge importance in the game.
-You can kidnap girls and use them as a bait… or other things ^_^

The map would be a 2 dimensional maze, with maybe special area according to the subject liked by the users (a bit like an anonymous channel).
-Abandoned towers/mansion you can inhabit and protect. You can play sniper with it, killing other players around.


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