Ultra Shooter Yuka #5 : Gear VR and Stuff


Got a new job and I jumped on the occasion to get the Gear VR headset, and my god, this stuff is just so cool. I think I will stop the dev on Google Cardboard, it’s good start for the VR, but’s it’s definitively cheap with very limited field of view. Another advantage to dev for the Gear VR is the code and ergonomics being quite similar for a desktop version. I will try to publish a version on SideLoadVR, the alternative Gear VR market.

My late experiments (on Google Cardboard) were about making a rogue like, infinite, random generating map. Here is the app link: http://snuffchan.com/novr/UltraShooterYuka1.apk

!! It’s an experimental test version, with many bugs, including important framerate drop after a long game and error during the generation of the first room!!

Here is the game link for the prod, Google Cardboard, non-roguelike version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snuffchan.tfwnovr 

I’ve shown it at the Café VR #3, in Paris, thanks to Frédéric Gourdet the organizer of the event.

I will probably go in my final version for a Battle Royale / Running man / rogue like game, something very similar to the Smash TV arcade game.

Next steps:

  • Game design works
  • Universe works
  • Graphical research

To close this post, here is some cool stuff I get from Twitter:

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