Shooter auf Des : Stopping Dev (Log 4)

Hi! I am making this post to notify the stop of development of my VR shooting game, in his 3D VR form at least. Here are the numerous raison:
  1. Making character sprites  took  the triple of time, which is very frustrating when you make for the third time the same animation instead of making a new cool and well done animation.
  2. The google cardboard SDK isn’t very powerful, especially on non-Samsung phone, making it hard to reach a graphical quality (dynamic lighting, particules effect) goal without an important framerate loss.
  3. Using Sprite renders on characters in a 3D space isn’t as easy it’s looks on Unity 5, coming with some Z-fighting and shaders issues.
  4. Android Playstore and Samsung Oculus Store are too restricted to allowing me a true artistic freedom.
  5. I should really focus on a more on a smaller narrative project.
So I don’t know I will restart my 2D project (with the 2 players support) or start a brand new project 3D VR project, like a small kidnapping simulation.
The idea of stopping my dev came from this animation, from Mercenary King, when I was making for the third time a walking animation for my DEV GRU Skeleton, and understanding I will never have the time to make a proper idle animation for my characters

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