Shooter auf Des : Dev Log 5 (not so dead finally)

Hi! Good news, my Google Cardboard /Virtual reality project is not so dead, I am still working on it and I’ve published a new version with real 3D decors, and using having a gamepad tweaking feature to enable the player rotation with the gamepad. Just press fire near the computer in the first level. App is here:

Note: the game name is now Ultra Shooter Yuka.

I am not very active these days, especially because I am actively seeking a job. Anyway I keep moving forward in my game, making artworks and also playing others oldschool shooters, like In the Hunt, Elevator Action, PSone Doom or Gun Combat 2.

I am trying to the explore the Gear VR API, the Google cardboard being a bite too limited for a action/exploration game.

I think my next move will be to reinsert the rogue-like gameplay with a random map generation.

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