My Google Cardboard FPS is out now! (Log III)

TFW No VR 3D is now live on the Android Playstore. It’s just an early version, but the fun is here. you can download it here and don’t forget to put me a 5 stars reviews. It’s neat Google Cardboard FPS mixed with some Rogue-like elements. here is the Android Playstore page:

To play to the game you need a gamepad and a Google Cardboard. I own these two, working perfectly with my One Plus One phone/div>


-mini map
-death screen
-different levels and incrementation of the enemies


Next steps
-real animations for the enemies (shooting and death)
-secrets rooms
-bonus (speed, attack, health)
-new weapon ???


Maybe I should think about making a Patreon page. I definitively need money to dev on a next gen VR headset.


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