TFW NO VR, Log II : Gamepad Support! [UPDATE]

[UPDATED] –> the new test .APK is now faster and proper to a maximum, fun, VR experience!
>TFW NO VR is a GoogleCarboard game , mixing FPS and Rogue like.


Made a new version only supporting the gamepad. One button is used to fire, the other to change the weapon. There’s a bug and the button of weapon change should stay pushed till the weapon change. Remember than this game is an alpha and the graphical assets aren’t definitive.


-gamepad support
-creation of basic rooms
-explosion for the grenade enemies
-weapon changement
-take care of the range of each weapon
-items for health and weapon
-sounds for the weapon


Known bugs:
-restart of the game after the death isn’t proper
-issue with grenade collision
-issue with the button to change the weapon


Next steps:
-start graphic research
-interface notification when you’re hurt or you hurt an enemy


If you got comments or cool ideas comment this post or mail me,!


Demo APK + Some screen captures

>The .apk for Android phone can be downloaded here<


New screen capture of my Google Cardboard game! You can now change weapons!

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