TFW NO VR, my google cardboard game!

Hi! Long time since I didn’t post a thing on the Snuffchan blog! I received my Google Cardboard headset, started to experiment it, and eventualy come with my very own google cardboard game, a hybrid between Rogue and Doom.

I am still working the gameplay, having tons neat ideas, like adding a shield appearing when you tilt the head, my biggest challenge being to produce a gameplay which use only head motion tracking. And actually, in my demo, it’s works!
This project is WIP, and I started a todo list of what I want in the prod version. The code name of this project is >TFW NO VR 3D.

THE GRAPHISM and CHARATERS ARE JUST HERE TO TEST THE GAMEPLAY. I’ve just some hint of ideas for the universe, and there will be probably very few story. I want the univers share the same goryness than Doom with also some Rogue RPG element, like fortress, inns, secret places on the map, the whole stuff with guns and cybernetic elements.

My next steps

  • a mini map (the actual map is generated randomly so it’s a critical element of gameplay)
  • a shield triggered when you tilt the head
  • creating rooms
  • creating a GameOver screen and a Winning screen.
  • weapons change
  • med-packs

If you got comments or cool ideas comment this post or mail me,!

Demo APK + Some screen captures

>The .apk for Android phone can be downloaded here<

The way it’s work: point the red cube to walk, point the grenades or the girls to shoot them. Don’t forget it’s a pre-alpha version for curious people, with major bug!



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