My U-Boot Addiction

Hi folk!

Last week I watched the amazing 1984 and 4 hours longs Das Boot. I really recommend this movie. It made me found in love with the second world war submarine warfare. At first, I was like « OMG, 4 hours, this movie should be fucking boring! ». But after watching it, I figured out than 4 hours was the right duration for an exhaustive look to what was the life in the Krieg Marine during the Second World War.

The 2000 movie U-571 with Matthew McConaughey is actually a simplistic, unrealistic  and action packed version of Das Boot, but still pleasant to watch.

I also bought a very complete Italian book called Branchi di Lupi (the Wolf bunch in english), explaining the different maritime roads, the specificities of each U-Boot models and many other details.

I even though about making a submarine RPG game. But I already have so many projects…

I made my choice for my next video game project: it will be Black Louve, my idea of black metal themed GTA, with RPG element. I would probably post some drawing/illustration next month.

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