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Game project

Dark_Net being finished, it’s time to think about my next project! I got two choices for this one, so it’s up to you!

Project 1 / Shi no Sukūru : Pantsu Division

It will be a shoot them up with a inspired by japanese Pinky Violence sub-genre and Airsoft cosplay. Basically the game will be a modern remake of the Terrifying Girls’ High School of 1972. It would be set in a very modern and perverse universe, a mix of the Akira near future and the kink of Suda 51’s games.

Items and underwears management will be an important part of the game. The game currency will be Doge coin.
Here is a list of the featured weapons:

  • Uzi
  • Mauser hunting rifle
  • S.O.L. (Solar Orbital Laser)
  • Laser gun from akira

Project 2 / Sukeban Louve

Sukeban Louve will be a dungeon crawler, very similar to dungeon fortress, mixing RPG and dojinshi element. You will play Amy Wayne, a girl hacker and abductress selling people on the black market. The game will be themed S.M. featuring nihilism, violence, male chastity device and even cannibalism. To describe the atmosphere of the game, it would be some sort of Black Metal version of GTA.

Ideas of mission:

  • Kidnapping
  • Stealing high heels and scarves for a silent fetish partner
  • Church destruction for a Satanic sect
  • Human sacrifice
  • Man hunting

To click a choice, just click on one of the choice of the form below.

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