the Dark_Net eBook : a Cyber thriller featuring Snuff Girls and Violence


Hi people!

On March 30th, Snuffchan will celebrate his one year! And I got a very special gift for you: my Dark_Net novel, featuring, hacking, gore, snuff girls and bondage.

English isn’t my native language, so the choice of writing a seven chapter novel in english was a huge challenge for me. Even if the result not 100% grammatically perfect, the storyline is smart, dark, and the two 19 years protagonists are completely twisted. I even introduced the Party Van, a CIA secret section that would be recurrent in my future projects.

I will make an announcement soon, to talk about my next project. Spoiler: it will be a pixel art video game featuring Pinky Violence and japanese school girl uniforms.

You can Dark_Net buy it on the Amazon store, sponsoring the Snuffchan website and my next project:



Or downloading it for free here:
–> ePub format
–> PDF format

I want to thank all the Snuffchan readers and the /guro sub-reddit for their critics their support.

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