Sorry, but Dark_Net will probably be my last novel


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I am tired about the whole Dark_Net thing. the writing takes me a huge amount of time, mainly because English isn’t my main language, And I also have anybody around me to correct my grammar errors.

10 Months ago I was thinking the book, pure text format can be a relevant and was also a real challenge for me(I love challenge). But now, I really feel a lack of fun working on Dark_Net. I need more than writing: As a video game guy, I need illustrations and interactions. so it will probably my last long story in pure text format.

Doing my best to end my story

I was originally planning four chapters before to the end of the story, but I am now thinking about doing just two chapters. I’ve already written half of the sixth chapter, and if you’re a fan of Dark_Net, no doubt, you will love it. After this, I don’t really know what will be in the chapter VII : I was planning to introduce at least 7 others characters, but it’s sound completely unrealistic, even split in two chapters. I need to review the whole storyline to build a proper end.

Ebook and Cosplay

Once the rereading and rewriting done, changing all the incoherent stuff, I will probably make a photo shoot with a somebody posing as Amy. This cosplay will probably be the climax of my project, with the creation creation of the book cover.

This done will finally be upload on and as ebook.

The good stuff

Even if I feel bored by Dark_Net right know I retain many positive stuff of this adventure:

  • I’ve shared one of my story with hundred of people accross the world.
  • I signifiant achievement, even if I don’t have any idea of what will the final reception of the book.
  • It’s a storytelling experience I will help me in my next projects.
  • Regular writting a highly positive practice I am recommending to everyone.

The Future

Once Dark_Net done, I back to something more graphic/ Interactive. Believe be, once Dark_Net finished, I got some mother fucking ideas, like playing a serial killer or a teenage psychopath girl.

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