Is Ground Zeroes The Coolest Game of 2014 ?


My favorite game of 2014 was Metal Gear Solid V : Ground Zeroes (メタルギアソリッドVグラウンドゼロズ ). Hideo Kojima is just a video game genius, as Quentin Tarantino or John Carpenter. Ok, the game isn’t perfect : there is no final boss, few story, an average of twenty minutes of gameplay for each missions and the half of the game cinematics has already been show in the 2012 trailer.

But god (or satan)! This game has an incredible replayability. I’ve probably played more to Ground zeroes than any other game I bought in 2014.


The missions have so many secrets, so many ways to end them and so many fun challenges. One of my favorite secret is the prisoner hidden in the basement of the administrative building during the Take off the anti-aircraft equipment mission. Extracting him is a real pain but it’s so rewarding to put your hand on this well hidden audio tape. Another good memory I got is the tricky assassination mission where you need to kill the two renegades soldiers without being spot: they are each one at the opposite side of the map and they will try to flee the base by jeep if they hear any gun fire. Of course you can make a little shooting… just after attaching C4 to each jeep !


For the rest, the gameplay and the handling of Boss are a just perfect. I strongly recommend the download the ground zeroes application, monitoring the guards directly on your phone or iPad. You can even call an extraction without having to leave the game screen.

If Ground zeroes is just a little delight before the final game, Phantom pain looks like the game of the decade.

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