Few Thoughts & a Survey

Snuffchan is now celebrating his 9 months of existence! You are more and more browsing regularly the site, so it’s may be time to a little survey. This will help me to understand the expectations of my audience!

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Currently thinking about DarkNet_ story… I will change few stuff in the story: at first , the website name will DeathBay, no more MoloChan. DeathBay sound more relevant for a 2.0 snuff movie, cyberwarfare hive. Also, the main admin will have a name: Euronymous. These two add will be important in part 7 and 8 of DarkNet_.


I also have some fucking cool ideas about making pixel horror video game. I will really work on it in the next few weeks. The image above isn’t my work, but one of the best pixel artist of all times, Paul Robertson. But this is what kind of pixel art I have in mind.


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