Dark_Net / Part V : Hot Coffee



Fifth chapter finished! This one will focus on Amy and her special relationship with Julie. There is also a little easter eggs! One of the following paragraph is hiding very kinky scene has been encrypted! Good luck to decode it! Just a clue : Base64 encode is your friend! Have fun!




Sunday  8 November 2016 11:32,

Amy’s house


Julie rang the bell of Amy’s house. She just had the time to notice the lack of care of the garden before Amy opened the door.

“Hi! Are you doing better?” saids Amy , kissing her on the chick.

”Yeah, far better. I was seeking a good night without computer.”

“Come inside, I was just making coffee.”

Julie followed her to the kitchen. Even from the inside, the house didn’t seem like a place where was living a family. There was no decoration on the wall, no furniture, just few cardboards left here and there.

The kitchen was a real mess. There was three fulfilled trash bags, the kitchen top was dirty and had a can branded Ace Tomatoes Company half opened on it.

“Are your parents here?” asked Julie.

Amy didn’t reply immediately.

“They haven’t finished their move. They’re still in transition.”

“I need to ask you something, something about yesterday.” Amy instantly stopped the loading of the coffeemaker. She didn’t reply, or even turn to Julie.

“Today, when I woke up, the video wasn’t on my desktop anymore and the page accessing to the secret section of Molochan has disappeared. It’s like what’s happened yesterday what just a bad dream. But I know it wasn’t a dream. Please, say something Amy.”

“After you lost consciousness, I erased all the files you downloaded with a special cleaner software, leaving no trace of them on your hard drive. It’s not safe to keep this kind of files on your personal computer. For the page which had mysteriously disappeared, I don’t have any information.”

Amy took a pause.

“You know Julie, maybe this video was just a big joke, an amateur horror made by Boxxy herself.”

“But she disappeared just after!” shouted Julie.

“May be it was a promotional ruse: In the seventies, an italian film director asked all his cast to disappear, in order to feed the rumor of the film  being an authentic snuff movie.”

“You may be right. May be I was overthinking the whole stuff. Sorry.”

“No, it’s ok. I was choked too. May be you should leave this whole darknet stuff behind you, and enjoy the last items you will receive…”

“That’s crazy you tell me that, ‘cause I received a special delivery today, just before move on. I didn’t open it, so it’s will be tonight big surprise.”

“That fucking cool!”

The loading of the coffeemaker was now over.

“Should I put a mug for you?”

“I am not a big fan of coffee.”

Amy pushed on the button of the coffee maker, slowly filling her mug.

“You should, it’s a perfect nourishment for the brain.”

The coffeemaker stopped, and Amy took her mug.

“Come, I will show you my room.”

Julie followed Amy upstairs, discovering her messy bedroom. The walls were cover from notes, almost hiding the wall of the room. Books, junk food and clothing were lying the floor around a mattress.

“Wow. That’s… surprising. What do you do with all these note?” asked Julie.

“It’s all related to my secret hacking hobby. I took the last days to extracting a hidden porn scene in a on a 2003 mainstream video game.” said Amy, showing a Playstation 2 CD.

“If I remember, the name of the client was Thompson-some-shit.” Julie looked Amy, showing she didn’t understand.

“I was also looking for some ideas for my presentation in philosophy class.” continued Amy.


“Yep, I don’t have any idea about what I will present in four days.”

“May be you should talk about something that matter to you.” said Julie.

“Nothing matter for me.”

“But you care about computers. And hacking.”

“That’s could be an idea, I but I don’t think I will magically resolve my existential anxieties in the next 4 days.”

“You are a pretty smart person, why have you miss a year. I mean, we both have the same age.”

“Got troubles with the law in the US, when I was thirteen. You know, hacking and shit.”

“You mean, you went to jail?”

“I am not comfortable talking about this.” Replied Amy.

“Doesn’t matter to me. I was so anxious about repeating my year, being in a class with unfamiliar teenagers listening rap and pop music. It was so reassuring to meet an outsider like me, somebody who isn’t afraid to be seen as a weirdo.”


“I mean, I really like you Amy.” finally said Julie.

“Like you to, Julie”

There was Thirty second of an awkward silence.

“I don’t see any wardrobe.” eventually said Julie.

“I don’t have one. All my clothes are in this cardboard.”

“May I look inside?”

“Yeah” replied Amy.

After releasing multiple clothes cardboard, Julie was stopped by a black sweatshirt with the V& letters written on it.

“This sweat looks neat ! Is V& a clothing brand?”

“No, it’s not. I got it on the Internet. I an abbreviation of Party van, an expression in the hacking underworld to talk about the FBI van parked in front of your house.”

“Hum, sounds even cooler. Why I’ve never saw it on you?”

“It was at the very bottom of the card board. I don’t like taking too much time to chose my clothing on the morning.”

“You should take care a of your look, Amy.”

“Nobody ever learn me how.”

“Got an idea! Let switch our clothes! I will show you than behind you mask of ugly nerd girl, there a little princess sleeping!”

“The description was not very appealing… but, why not.” replied Amy.

Few minutes later, Amy was made up and dressed with Julie’s clothes.

Julie, her, was just wearing her black lacework panty with Amy’s V& sweat.

“You’re so perfect! Where is your mirror?”

“There is one in the in the bathroom.”

Once in the bathroom, Amy was stunned. She was the perfect, glass wearing, gothic lolita.

“I tell you so!” said Julie.

Amy was blushing.

Julie took a look to the bathroom. There was some plastic bottle of pills left over the sink.

“What are these medecine for?” asked Julie.

“These are antidepressants pills.” replied Amy, quickly storing the bottle  in a bathroom closet.

“Are you depressed? I don’t see why, you looks like the perfect school girl.”

“It’s complicated and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Ok, so what do you want to do?”




Sunday  8 November 2016 16:32,

Amy’s house front door


Amy and Julie were now wearing their respective clothes again.

“That was… surprising!”

“For me to! ” replied Amy.

“So… See you tomorrow in class!”

“Yeah! Have fun! Don’t forget to tell me about your mysterious package! I am very curious about it!”

“So do I!”


Sunday  8 November 2016 17:10,

Julie’s living room


Julie left her bag on the canap, before lighting a cigarette. She had very good time with Amy. She was still excited. Her eyes were focusing her mysterious package. She was certain about it. This package was containing the thrilling conclusion of her sunday evening.

To be continued…

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