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The origins

SnuffChan Anon Board is my masterpiece, my chef d’oeuvre: It’s an anonymous, dynamic and classy imageboard. All started 4 years ago when I was studying anonymous networks, as a Design student : I was hooked by the concept of 4Chan and decided to create my own message boards content management system. I started from scratch, building a fancy and fun interface and using AJAX coding to create a more dynamic flow of discussion between users. I called the board JeFlippe (IAmScared in french).



After several ups and downs and a language change, the board is now called SnuffChan, and deals with rare subject I love : Gagged girls, Occultism and just random trash stuff on the board called M4gyk. There is also a board name Occult, where you can share pagan images, or just publicly prays a pagans deity to make something happen.



Meet Dolores, the gothic fashioned girl on the top left of the board. She has been a trouble teenager. Making her scholarship in Nantes in a very Catholic school  had fed her hate of religion, and put her on the path of satanism and perversion. She is now 19 years old, loving cyber culture, fashion, paganism and earns her life running a blog specialized in Damsels in Distress. Love her, admire her and you will probably know more about her incredible and debauched adventures.


The rules of the board

  • Post deviant and perverse things.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Preach for the perversion of SnuffChan to the world.
  • Start the worship of a pagan divinity, like Baal.
  • You like a post, push the Love this button, it will bump the post
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica is the best site of the world.
  • No Child picture, JB or subtext asking for it.
  • No call to troll, doxx or DDOS people.
  • It’s trolling if I say Justin Bieder dies today, but it’s fun, so it’s kinda ok.
  • There is no nude of Emma watson, anon. 

Few notes

SnuffChan doesn’t host any image. So if you want to share an image you’ve found on the web, right click on it and select “copy the image url” . SnuffChan also recognise the .mp3 , the Youtube and the Dailymotion links. For some security reason, special characters like <, >, \ and also links are disable in the comment and text inputs.

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If you enjoy the SnuffChan Anonymous Board, do not hesitate to post, comment or react! It’s make live the board and keep me motivated.

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