Dark_Net / Part IV : Kidnapped and Tortured

Kidnapped and tortured

New chapter finished! We will finally know what is on file Julie downloaded. This chapter is pretty spicy, featuring a kidnapping and a torture sequence.

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Saturday  7 November 2016 17:29,

Julie’s computer,

reading of file://Users/Julie666/Desktop/Ym94eXRvcnR1cmVtdXJkZXI.m4v

The video started in a residential area. It was probably taken with a Go Pro or some kind of POV device. The cam stopped in front of a house. It was dark, but lights were still on. A girl was in the living room, wearing headphones and using her laptop. She looked like a teenager, maybe 18-19 years old, with dark hairs,  black make-up and a cute flyaway.

“Fuck, it’s look like Boxxy…” Whispered Julie.

“Who is Boxxy?”

The man wearing the camera took out a device with an antenna, turning it on. The machine  generated a sharp noise, and an image distortion appeared on the video record.

“Daaad! What the fuck with the Internet?” said a voice inside the house.

The camera targeted a panel at the back of the house. A hand wearing a latex glove dismounted the panel and cutted off all the electrics wires. There was no more light in the house. People started shouting inside. The camera went in night vision.

The camera man broke the front door, entered the house and finally took off a hunting knife. A middle aged man descended the stairs. The armed hand fall on him, stabbing him in the neck.

A light beam appears, showing the bleeding body. It was the girl’s smart phone. She screamed and started to run away. She crossed the garden, arrived on the street and tried to stop a van. The driver came out before hitting her and grabbing her in the van followed by the camera. The two men quickly secured her legs and arms with duct tape. As she regained consciousness, the second man pushed a tennis ball in her mouth, strictly covered by several layers of tape. No more talk for her, her only way to communicate was now her two brown, silent and crying eyes.

Black screen.

Amy looked at Julie. Her breath was accelerating

“May be that vid is just a fake.” said Amy, trying to reassure her.

“That doesn’t look an amator vid… this shit looks hundred percent real.”

Tears were rolling over Julie’s cheeks.

The video continued. We were now indoor, in a dark room, with concrete walls, may be a cave or a blockhaus. The camera was now static, placed on the ceiling. Boxxy was lying on the center of room, chained to a sort of medieval wooden desk, struggling and screaming. That was a very strange table: It was equiped with shakles and a wooden roll was standing a few feet over Boxxy’s belly.

Even if the room was poorly lighted we were able to distinguish three men standing around the table.

“Who are you? what do you want?” Was she screaming. One of the men moved toward the table. He was wearing a black hoodie and military trousers, with a mask of troll face covering his head. He was handling a gag, slowly approaching it to her mouth.

“No, please, please, don’t gag me! Hmpmmph  Hmmph!”

A huge ball gag was violently push into her mouth, silencing her again.

The man whispered to her ear :

“Don’t worry my little lamb, soon it will be finished.”

His voice sounded robotic, he was probably disguising his voice with a device.

“Have you ever heard about the intestinal crank, my beautiful lamb? That was a pretty gruesome antique execution method: it consisted in slowly extracting the intestines of the victim with a crank.”

Boxxy was struggling harder and harder, shouting desperately through her gag. but nothing to do, the hardwood torture table wasn’t moving from an inch.

The man was now tickling Boxxy’s belly with a huge hunt knife.

“Documentations on this original execution method are pretty rare, so we don’t know exactly how much time you will survive. It will be the big surprise of tonight!”

Tears started rolling over Boxxy’s cheeks.

“So let’s start.”

The troll face made an incision in the up of the belly, making a thin pouring of blood on her flank. His hand disappeared in her guts, cutted something inside, before pulling the start of her intestine. The two others masked men took the guts and nailed his start to the wooden roll.

They started to crank, slowly wrapping the bleeding intestines of the poor breathing girl. After a minutes she started to lose consciousness, her eyes were rolling and her body convulsing.

The wound to his stomach was heavily bleeding.

And suddenly her body stop struggling, living no more than her beautiful, white and bloodstained body.

The mind of Amy suddenly came back to the living room. Julie has vomited before losing consciousness.


 Saturday  7 November 2016 18:47,

Julie’s room

Julie opened her eyes.

“What happened?”

“You lost consciousness when we were watching the video.”

“Oh fuck, I remember that shit.”

“Drink this lemon juice, it will help you to recover.”

“Thanks sista.”

“Can I go home? Are you ok?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Do not hesitate to phone me if you need help.”


Saturday  7 November 2016 19:30,

Somewhere in Saint Germain

Amy was walking on a bridge crossing over the suburban railroad. The crowd and the firefighter’s vehicle were standing in front of the train station. From her point of view, she was clearly seeing the bloody remains of the man who had thrown himself under the train.

She took a picture.

This will surely please the Molochan admins.

To be continued…

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