Dark_Net / Part III

Dark Net  Part 3

Here we are! A new chapter of my novel, Dark_Net. This part has been a real pain in this ass to write. There are lot of interface and software descriptions, which isn’t easy to redact, especially when it’s not your native language. Indeed, I am already on the next part, which will contains kidnapping and torture <3.

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Saturday 7 November 2016 17:15,

Julie’s living room

The eyes of Amy and Julie were fixing the upload progress.

>Uploading in progress_
>10% 30% 50% 70% 100%
>Analysing in progress_
>13% 66% 100%
>Access granted_

The Moloch picture giggled and a new page appears.
“We’re in.” says Amy.
There was no more graphical interface or fancy web design, just green letters on a black background. The page make-up and the emojis made ASCII were the only form of graphical expression.

The content of the page was a list of mysterious directories, each one identified by a single letter or number.

Julie was disappointed about the lack of interface. She was a very graphical person and also depressed young adult. The black background was like a mirror of her meaningless live.

“I was expecting… I don’t know. Something else. Something that will give a sense to my live. It’s just getting more and more mysterious.”

Amy was the exact opposite of Julie. She was over excited. This secret place was like a gigantic mathematical puzzle.

“What you looking for is may be lost somewhere in this alphanumeric labyrinth.” After an instant of reflexion, Amy added “That’s fun, the letter C and P aren’t on the list. There is probably more hidded boards… Let’s start to open fews.”

Amy opened the directory “/3” . The section was filled with .obj files post.

“What is a .obj file?” asked Julie.
“.obj are widely use to store three dimensional data. There are hundreds of these files, but not a single description. Let’s download one, just to figure out what it is.” A right click and the file was on the computer desktop. Amy typed a command line, launching a native OpenGL program. The 3D mesh appeared, turning around, displaying a beautiful open source machine gun.

“How do you know all these 3D engineering stuff?”
“I am made a presentation at school about 3D printing.”

Amy tried another directory, the “/b”. This section was a huge list of computer breach, mostly on bank systems and military drones. Amy has already heard of this kind of business when she was playing multiplayer video games: Hackers were uncompiling game code, finding breach, before selling it to a discrete ring of professional players, fucking all the others non-cheating players. But it wasn’t a game anymore: These few lines of code had the abilities to change the fate of a country.

Amy came back to the reality, leaving her geopolitical thought behind her. Her friend face was displaying fatigue and depressiveness. The core of the community was a high level elitistic sect she will never enter. It was even strange they had allowed her to post on their board. She invested so much time, trying to be a part of something she cannot understand.

Amy took a minute of reflexion before talking.
“You really want to please these people?”
“Of course I want! It’s so important to me!”
“Post the picture we took where you were bound and hanged. They will love it. I leave you the computer keyboard, I need will borrow you some coffee. Want some?”
“No I don’t like coffee.”
“You should try, it’s perfect for intellectual reflexion.”

Amy disappeared in the kitchen, leaving Julie to her task.

Saturday 7 November 2016 19:26 (Server side time),
Location unknown ????????

>UNAUTHENTIFIED_USER add 24 messages
>UNAUTHENTIFIED_USER download video file

Saturday 7 November 2016 17:29,
Julie’s living room

Amy was back with her coffee mug.

“So, what’s new?”, asked Amy.
“I made few post. I didn’t know where to post, so I posted in every directory.”
“Humf. Have ever heard the word Flooding?”
“You are a worthless bitch, you know?”, whispered Amy. Julie didn’t notice, too intoxicated by the joint.
“Have you found new stuff?”
“Yeah, the directory /z was filled with video files. So I started to download one.”

Amy had a grimace when she noticed the downloading bar at the bottom of the browser.
The video file was call Ym94eXRvcnR1cmVtdXJkZXI. Maybe a kind of base 64 encoding, thought Amy.

“Don’t do that, Julie. This site looks fucking dangerous. We have reached the depth of the Dark Net. If we don’t stop, we will find things that will certainly burn our eyes and fuck our brain forever.”
“It’s cannot this bad, Amy! I am sure it’s a cool video!”

Julie’s eyes were focus on the bar. She was shivering.
“Do you think one day we’ll be together, me and person who made this forum?”
Amy didn’t reply.

The download reached the 100% and the Ym94eXRvcnR1cmVtdXJkZXI.m4v appears on the desktop. The video started.

To be continued…

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