D4rk N3t / Part II

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Saturday  7 November 2016 16:30,

Julie’s House, Paris suburbs, near Saint Germain

Julie was grimacing. Standing on a stool with five inch high heels is a hard job, and the rope  that was enclosing her neck didn’t make the task easier.

“Amy, have you take the photo? I was expecting  to finish this photo session alive! »

« Please stop shouting,  sweet heart. »

« Amy! Please hurry! I can’t stand anymore!”

Amy was like a photo junky, taking as much photos she could with Julie’s phone.

“Ok, it’s done.”

Julie took off the rope around her neck, descended the stool and took a huge breath. His parents were in the south of France to see her aunt new born child. Julie decided  to enjoy their absence by smoking Lucky Strikes and transforming her home in one big horror movie footage.

The living room  was now her headquarter, hosting clothes, laptop, make-up and cigarettes. Comfortably seated in the sofa, they were watching the result of their horrific photo session on Julie’s phone. Amy was fascinate by the huge Oled flexible screen, which was displaying an indecent number of pixels.

“How much cost this phone? »

« I don’t know. Believe it or not, I get it by amateur modelling hobby. »

« Are kidding? »

« No! On website like Amazon I created a wishlist and my devotees just have to pop out there credit card to send me an offering, without knowing my address! »

« And you got many people who pay?”

« Just watch, sweety.”

Julie rose to take a bunch of  cardboard boxes. That was all the Julie’s fan gifts: clothing, footwears, high tech devices, all unaffordable for a nineteen year old high school girl.

“That’s … so cool! Your a lucky girl!” said Amy.

“And last, but not least: DRUGS!”

Julie launched on the table a hundred something grams bag of smelly weed.

“FUCK! That’s stuff doesn’t come  from Amazon! »

« You right, my dear, it’s come from SilkRoad, the biggest illegal market place on the Internet! »

« I heard about it, but I never try. »

« And you’re so wrong, ‘cause it’s definitely worth it! Just try. »

« Yeah!” replied Amy.

The physical effort mixed with the semi-strangulation she experimented few minutes ago gave to Julie the feeling of living in a sweet moss bubble. “I Feel really strange. Like dizzy. It’s quite pleasant.” said Julie, lighting her joint.

“Have you ever heard about erotic strangulation? In the middle age, people thought this kind of deadly pleasure was growing a magical plant call mandrake under the gallows.” whispered Amy.

“You’re twisted. I am sure you will like the site where I post my photos!”

Julie gave the joint to Amy, turned-on her laptop, showing a dark web page, filled with words mixing english, cyrillic alphabet and Internet secret languages.

“Look all these images and all these texts! There is all we can dream: pirate files, suicide advice, hate speech, strange fetish discussions and even drug dealing! It the zenith of the free Internet: no taboo, no limit, no borders!” Julie was over existed, expressing for the first time her obsession in the meat space, the real world where live the flesh and blood persons.

The home page of the site was displaying the last topics created by the anonymous users. At the top of the page, the emblem of the site was seating over all this list of twisted and barely understandable threads. That was a winged creature, with a strong human body and a bull’s head.

The mysterious figure piqued amy’s curiosity. She tried to click on the monster to know more, but the link was just opening a page displaying a bigger picture. “Yeah, I already click on it, but there’s nothing, only an empty page.”

“Wait!” said Amy.

Amy made a right click to see the code of the page. And there was something. The page was not a simple image, but a big upload button. Not only that, a message was hidden in the source code.


My name is Moloch. Feed Me With a Sacrifice.


Whoever has left this message, he wanted to be sure than only a person with technical skills could read it.

“What does he mean by feed me?” asked Julie?

“I think he mean upload a file.”

“Try with the photos with just took!”

Julie chose one  photo, and slided it to the Moloch image. Moloch opened his mouth, eated the photo, but nothing happened.

“Maybe it’s just an image uploader like this” said Julie.

“I don’t believe it. I am pretty sure this page has a reason to be here. There is always a backdoor this kind of barely legal website, allowing only a very small ring of clever users to enter.”

Amy opened a new tab in the browser, typing the wikipedia address.

“If we want to enter, may be we should try to grab more information on the Moloch name. It doesn’t sound like random name.“

Baal Moloch was a pagan divinity, a god worshipped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites. Moloch had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents. Moloch figures in the Book of Deuteronomy and in the Book of Leviticus as a form of idolatry.

“He used to eat young childs.” noticed Julie

“Get me the computer, I got an idea. Give me the joint and the computer.”

Julie went to the file browser, reaching a folder of his haunt’s new born’s photographies.

Before launching her little cousin’s picture in the Moloch’s mouths, Julie was hitten by the feeling of making  a really bad thing. But she wiped out this thought. Fuck this, it’s just a picture. And the upload of the file started. Julie took a big puff on the joint.

To be continued…

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