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I am making a little pause in the writing of my short (D4rk N3t), mostly because I don’t really know if my short should be a stand alone or an introduction to a bigger adventure.

This pause is also the opportunity for making a post on the japanese Web. Japan owns an incredible graphical and technological culture. But this mass of information is also very hard to access for foreigners due his non Latin language. Today we have an easier access to this culture, through the Internet and translations tools like Google Translate.

This post is here to make you discover cool otaku websites and help you to browse them.



Akiba, or Akihabara is a Tokyo shopping district specialize in geek goods. The Akiba blog is a regular review of all the new stuff you can found in it: mostly figurine, arts books, hentaïs, regular comics and PC goods. For each goods you’ve got an link to be buy it online. But be careful, shipping fees are pretty expensive (around 30 Euro to ship a regular book to Europe).

Here are the main categories of the Akiba blog:

+Top stories:
+Computer goods:
+Manga Reviews:



It’s some kind of Japanese version Deviant Art, featuring a fantastic amount of high quality manga drawings and doujinshis.
The website was recently translate in English, making the exploration of the site easier. To maximize your experience, make your search with japanese words using Google translate.

Here favorite one of my favorite author, Pizzaman:



2Chan is the japanese anonymous imageboard that inspired Christopher Poole, the founder of the 4Chan. The site was launched in 1999, by a  Hiroyuki Nishimura. Unlike 4Chan, 2Chan isn’t an obscure underground message board: it’s a real mass website used by the average japanese person.

It’s a real jungle, and the old fashioned design don’t facilitate the exploration of the board. Here is a quick digest of the most active sections:

+ 2D:
+ Army:
+ Video games:
+ Guro:
+ Eroge:
+ Robot:
+ Food and cooking:

UPDATE: Actually, I didn’t review the original 2Chan but his competitor Futaba channel. Futaba was made as a shelter, when the rumor of 2ch closing flowed. Thanks to @i__gm.



Famitsu is a famous japanese magazine, created in 1986. his name is an abbreviation of Family Computer. Reading (Or watching, most of posts contain videos) this site is a delight for people who enjoy JRPG. You will also realize the amazing number of game which never get a western release.



I am not a big fan of Twitter, but the microblogging network is incredibly efficient to interact with japanese Otaku. If you looking for a name of a japanese comic, an advice or just want to discover random stuff, go on the japanese twit-O-sphere.

Some cool accounts: (manga artist) (Japanese model) (????) (????) (Airsoft) (????) (Kan Colle/Hentaï)


I will close this post talking about the english news blog on Otaku culture. One of the best english blog on Japan is Kotaku, offering regular anime reviews and spot on japanese trends. My other favorite blog is Sankaku Complex which is more nerdy and less safe for work. Fresh: Sankaku regularly post a translation of the trendy threads on 2Chan.

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  1. Hello Alex.

    I’m so happy for non-Japanese Otaku talks about my account.
    I want to talk and question about you(for example,what do you think about ERO-MANGA)but
    I am not good at English and just say « thanks » on behalf of my magazine’s MANGA writers.


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