D4rk N3t / Part I


Dark_Net is fiction including hacking, teen girls and snuff web sites. Find the others parts of the story here:




Monday  2 November 2016 23:30,

Julie’s room, Paris suburbs, near Saint Germain

There was a hidden place on the Internet, a place called Dark Net, a place far away of the mainstream social networks. That was the place where the black magic happens.

And Julie was crawling it . She discovered one of these illegal servers via a mysterious comment on her personal blog. She was discovering words she never heard about: Party v&, brb, 1337… But after one hour this vocabulary started to make sense. Diplomatics leaks, porn ban by the new european laws, scarification arts, all the these stuff were so exciting, especially when you are 19 years old.

All the anonymous users were part of massive thing without name. Or no. Because there was a name to this monstrous network: it was the MoloChan, chan being the diminutive for discussion channel. And she wanted to be a part of it. She scrolled the forum, looking for a thread she could contribute. She did’t know any good torrent websites and most of request were using crypted language. But she soon found a thread she could contribute. The title was « Looking 4 a New Princess ». They were looking for some kind of young female geeky mascot. Apparently their last forum godess, Boxxy, had quit few weeks ago, leaving behind her a bunch of egocentric videos, photographies and over excited fans.

That was her chance. She wore her sexiest outfit, her best make-up, started her camera and made a speech in her best english, exposing her interest for darkness and satanism. She uploaded the video.

To calm her excitement,  she decided to burn a cigarette. His phone vibrated but she didn’t notice: replies started, asking for MOAR.


Monday  2 November 2016 23:50,

Amy’s room, few blocks away.

Amy was trying to phone Julie but she wasn’t responding. That’s always the issue with people you love: they are very hard to contact.

Amy passed her week-end to code and moderate her personal forum, driven by her passion for virtual technologies and the darkness she could find in each human mind. Run an anonymous forum was a kind of psychological experiment. Even being the admin of the forum, you can say the most dirty and evil things, without been caught, using an anonymous user name.

It’s the same occult fascination that was driving her friendship with Julie. She decided to stop coding. She left her laptop, take off her glasses, lay on her bed, disposed a pillow between her legs and started daydreaming.

She is in Amy class room. The class is empty, expect Julie, bound and gagged with duct tape, trying to escape. She is Amy property now. For eternity. And that is just a start.

 To be continued…


Say hello to Julie, a dark looking girl and the smart and punky Amy, two nerds searching a better future in the virtual world. But cyberspace can be a very dark forest, filled with wolves, patiently waiting a prey.

The next part very soon! Comment/criticize the stories: It will boost my motivation and help me to improve my style :3


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